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Hello, Welcome to the Exotic and Persian Cattery «JULIUS»!

"My name is Julia Atamanova. I live in Russia, one of the oldest cities in Siberia, the city

of Novokuznetsk. The city is located in the Kuznetsk Basin, on both banks of the river Tom.

Cattery established in 2001. Were purchased by first solid Persians.Breeding work began in 2006.

This year, born April 24, our new cat - black exotic Zan Lexus Julius.

Lexus - our pride!

Awarded the title of "Best of breed in Siberia"!!!

In 2008 he received the highest title in the IFA - the Absolute Champion!

As well as get a lot of titles Systems WCF, ICU, WCA.

I got a lot of impressions from various exhibitions of these systems!

I traveled to many cities in Russia and abroad!

Cattery is registered in the systems: ICU (Reg. # ICU.0097.RU).

In 2008, cattery "Julius" recognized as the "Best cattery of the year"!

Our favorite colors - solid and tabby (mackerel, spotted, classic tabby).

August 1, 2011 from the beautiful cattery «SYBARIT»-

I got a new cat-tabby exotic - SYBARIT ATTILA!

May 5, 2012 came to a beautiful kitty

torbie Exotic SYBARIT DILAILA!

Thanks to Yuri Novitski and Irina Barkovsky for

that entrusted me with the wonderful Attila and gentle beauty - Lily!

I am grateful that I has received type animals and happy

I am very proud that now I will be working with such pedigree as:

Boberan, Scrimshaw, Athelstones, Ormeryds,
Profecii, Pensfordhill, Calivans, Del Adene, Granddelight, Blueskyeyes and others !

Thank you for taking time and visiting our site!

Sincerely, Julia!"

"01" in August 2011.

Many thanks to breeders who entrusted me with their cats, special thanks:

Yuri Novitsky and Irina Barkovskaya, cattery «SYBARIT»,CFA

Elena Vorobyova,cattery «BLUE SMOKE»,WCF

Elvira Toropova, cattery «Fluffstown»,IFA

All kittens vaccinations, gentle and accustomed to life in the family.

I do not tolerate cruelty to animals - that's why I am against the cages!

Kittens reared in an atmosphere of love. Many of them become real "velcro"!

Our kittens-exotic curious, trusting and very much love to sit on the handles.

Our alumni - a great show temperament! Cats eat foods professional

super-premium, and eat natural food

If you like our pets, please contact us and Plush miracle may be your best friend!

Just do not forget to include your full name in the letter, information about you,

you, whether you have a cattery and the purpose for which you want to buy a kitten!

And we will get back to you!



ICQ : 434828771

phone.: 8-913-311-2429 (RUSSIA, Siberia, c.Novokuznetsk)
Instructor-felinologist- Julia Atamanova

 The site uses photos of the photographer:

Natalia Sidorova ("Paraskeva"), Helen Chelyaeva, Alexei Bryzgalov, JUMI-CATS, Pavlova Olga, Tatiana Stretcher bond, Sergey Afanasiev, Helen Devyashinoy, Bonycate, Guber Edvard, and photos from the archives of other cattery : "JULIUS", "Mag*Imperiya", "BLUE SMOKE"...:

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